Episode 7 - Nikolaus Volk

Co-Founder and CEO of Kyte

Nikolaus Volk, co-founder and CEO of Kyte, joined me on the Modern Startup Marketing podcast.

Here's what we covered:

How the Kyte team formed in 2019 and is already onto their second round of funding (wow!);

How they've been able to achieve 20-40% MoM growth;

Their sharp focus on retaining current customers through paid search, paid social, PR, email reactivation, and partnerships;

Exciting opportunities with business travel for next year;

Challenges with figuring out the Kyte-specific brand DNA;

Challenges with multi-touch marketing and long-term strategy;

The making of the (scrappy and fun) surfer video - you need to check it out here;

The power of story and how Nikolaus is investing in himself to nail Kyte's story internally and with their target audience.

Nikolaus is co-founder of Kyte, founded in 2019 and based out of San Francisco (CA). Prior to Kyte, Nikolaus was an engineer at Uber. They've raised $3.8M+ in funding so far, and are about to close another round! What is Kyte? Glad you asked. Let’s say you don’t want to buy/own a car. Kyte gives you easy access to cars on demand. Rental cars delivered to your door. Kind of like ordering food, but instead you’re ordering a car.

You can find Nikolaus on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/nikolaus-volk

Find out more about Kyte here: www.drivekyte.com

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