Fractional Head of Marketing For Early Stage Startups

Helping venture-backed B2B startup founders and teams do marketing that drives revenue.

Why Seed Funded Startups Love Fractional

When you're at the Seed stage, your team is typically made up of founders, developers, and maybe a salesperson but maybe not if you're doing founder-led sales. You'd love to hire marketing, but you might not be ready to hire someone full-time yet. Agencies prioritize their biggest accounts so you won't get the attention or results you deserve. A fractional startup marketing leader helps you move quickly with a more flexible arrangement.

How it works

We meet

30 minute call with the founder(s). I’ll ask you some questions about your product, the problem it solves, your buyer, prior marketing efforts, and business goals. We’ll get to know each other. I’ll share my approach. See Process

We align

If there’s a fit in both marketing mindset and what you’re looking for, I’ll send over a proposal. No surprises, because my pricing is transparent. See Pricing

We start

Review the timeline with milestones and get to work.

Who's this for

Seed/Series A startups creating or updating their marketing foundation: buyer personas, messaging, positioning, brand guide, website and social channels
Seed/Series A startups working on their organic content strategy and execution
B2B startups that understand the power of marketing to drive sales
B2B startup founders looking for a strategic advisor to help their marketing team

Startups that work with us have these pain points

They want to create their marketing foundation but not ready to hire someone full-time

They want to revamp their original scrappy website but they don’t have the time or resources

They know that marketing is important but they’re not sure what to prioritize first

They've been overly focused on paid ads and not enough on organic efforts and their CAC is too high

They know that content is important but they’re not sure how to build the content marketing engine

They need help aligning sales with marketing to impact revenue

Their marketing team can execute but needs strategic oversight and coaching

Does this sound like you?

Then we should talk.

People like you love working with us

Saima Siddiqui

Co-Founder at gradGREENHOUSE

Working with Anna over the past several months has been a game changer! We are an edtech startup that was looking for marketing leadership to help us better understand our customer, overhaul our website and sales materials, and develop language to talk about ourselves in terms that were resonant and relevant. [Anna was] a real partner as I navigated questions about resources, positioning and growth. She is also incredibly organized, able to balance strategy and execution, a clear communicator and as adaptable as they come – which is critical for a startup.


Nico Acosta

Co-Founder and CEO at Propel

I highly recommend Anna. During her work at Propel, she conducted valuable voice-of-the-customer research, created a comprehensive marketing foundation deck, worked on the new version of our website in collaboration with our designer, and provided strategic guidance for our go-to-market strategy. Anna also assisted in crafting a compelling case study and offered ongoing marketing advice. Working with Anna was a blast.

Screen Shot 2023-07-24 at 11.32.45 AM.png

Christina Pawlikowski

Co-Founder, CEO at Causal

We loved working with Anna. She helped us put together positioning, a new website, and a content strategy. I especially appreciated the work she did up front to get to know us, our product, and our customers. She interviewed all of our customers and a bunch of our prospects and put together a marketing foundations doc for us. And she took the time to really dive into the technical details of how our product works and what differentiates us from our competitors. We really struggled with positioning, and that foundation made it much easier for us to develop something that really fits us. Strong recommend for any startup, but especially for teams building complex, technical products.

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