Episode 6 - Jen Saxton

Founder and CEO of Tot Squad

Jen Saxton, Founder and CEO of Tot Squad, joined me on the Modern Startup Marketing podcast.

Here's what we covered:

Partnerships and relationships as a growth hack (versus paid ads);

Intriguing and funny founder's story on how the company got started;

The case for doing more of those things that you're passionate about on the job (versus not so much);

Growth that's dependent on marketplace liquidity (enough demand and enough supply);

Marketing strategy to help clear the noise, prioritize and create a structured approach;

When working with partners, give them your marketing materials (make sure it's meaningful to their audience);

Questioning your customer targeting assumptions based on traction signals coming from another direction;

COVID's impact on family dynamics - running a business, taking care of a toddler and another baby on the way.

Jen is Founder and CEO of Tot Squad, founded in 2010 and based out of Los Angeles (CA). They've raised $3.3M+ funding and the baby gear cleaning part of the business just got acquired this year! Tot Squad is a baby services marketplace that connects new parents with health, wellness and safety services like car seat installation, lactation consultants, sleep consultants and more. Tot Squad offers virtual and in-home consultations which can be purchased through Amazon and Walmart.com when buying a related baby product. Because every parent needs a squad!

You can find Jen on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/jenbsaxton

Find out more about Tot Squad here: www.totsquad.com

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