Episode 5 - Laura Kendall

VP of Marketing at MadKudu

Laura Kendall, VP of Marketing at MadKudu, joined me on the Modern Startup Marketing podcast.

We covered a lot, including:

The team you need to set up in your company - the Customer Love & Community team;

Who your first marketing hire should be (reporting into the Head of Marketing);

How to ensure your brand is seen and heard in a noisy world, and especially during COVID;

Narrow your focus on your specific target segment and pick 2-3 main growth levers;

Using webinars effectively to engage with prospects;

Personalization wins over automation, especially for follow-up;

Transitioning jobs during COVID and how to make that process smooth;

Using empathy during crisis (and beyond) to see your prospects as a whole person (not just employees).

Laura is VP of Marketing at MadKudu (www.madkudu.com). MadKudu was founded in 2014 and is based out of Mountain View, CA with a total of 30 people. They've raised Series A funding ($5.5M). MadKudu is a lead scoring platform for marketing teams looking to create frictionless B2B customer journeys. So you can do things like identify the 10% of accounts that will make 90% of the revenue, put VIP visitors in touch with sales without friction, or personalize outreach based on what the customer needs. Customers include Outreach, Drift and InVision.

You can find Laura on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/laura-kendall-48556911/

Find out more about MadKudu here: www.madkudu.com

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