Episode 4 - Michael Klozotsky

CMO at Intelligent Medical Objects (IMO)

Michael Klozotsky, CMO at IMO, joined me on the Modern Startup Marketing podcast.

We covered:

How storytelling makes the marketer's work authentic;

On team building and starting from a place of care;

How to swim downstream with your marketing when others are swimming upstream;

How to ensure your MQLs are quality leads that the sales team will follow up with;

How sales and marketing can become successful partners in crime;

Marketing simplicity will allow you to more easily shift and steer your ship;

How marketers will need to think about engaging buyers differently going into 2021;

Using ABM to approach key decision-makers;

How to systematically make the time to be creative.

Michael is CMO at IMO (www.imohealth.com). IMO is based out of Chicago, IL with ~270 employees. IMO received significant investment from Warburg Pincus (PE firm) and leading U.S. health systems in 2016. They've developed the most widely-accepted medical terminology solution for the management of medical vocabularies and software applications at healthcare organizations worldwide.

You can find Michael on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/michaelklozotsky

Find out more about IMO here: www.imohealth.com

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