Episode 3 - Alexander De Ridder

Co-Founder and CTO of INK

Alexander De Ridder, Co-Founder and CTO of INK, joined me on the Modern Startup Marketing podcast.

We covered:

Marketing is a competitive sport and marketing campaigns can be as awe-inducing as great art;

Why have 15 software developers at a 30-people total bootstrapped startup;

Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) to organize the inner-workings of the business;

How 64 blog articles brought 100,000 site visitors in 5 months;

Top marketing channels used to launch and grow INK including Product Hunt and contests;

How to leave "trail of breadcrumbs" so people can find your company;

How to think about and get exponential growth;

The future of sophisticated content creation and how search engines will need to morph.

Alexander De Ridder is the Co-Founder and CTO of INK (www.inkforall.com). INK is based out of Houston, TX, started in 2019 and has been completely bootstrapped (so far). INK is patented AI software meant for content creators and writers. Writing your content with INK increases your chances of ranking on the first page in Google by 400% - and it’s completely free.

You can find Alexander on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/adridder/

You can get INK for yourself for free: www.inkforall.com

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