Episode 23 - Reverse Podcast Episode

Reverse Podcast Episode With Anna Furmanov And Her 7-year-old Special Guest

One of my listeners suggested I ask myself the same questions I typically ask my guests...so basically interview myself. If you ever wanted to learn more about me personally, this will help!

And as an added bonus, I ask my 7-year-old daughter some of the same questions. The result is sometimes hilarious and always super cute.

In this episode I cover:

What does marketing mean to me;

Quick pitch about my company, who I'm for, what problems I help solve;

How did I start this company;

Who's on the team;

What's working really well from my own marketing and channels perspective;

Quick note on lead gen;

Challenges I'm trying to figure out;

How has COVID affected my marketing strategy;

What did I do early stage (given limited resources) to stand out (HINT: focus on your superpowers);

The last 2-3 good ideas I've come up with;

How I keep my marketing fresh and stay creative;

What's my "favorite failure" (HINT: not just one!);

What are some bad recommendations in sales/marketing;

Sharing something more personal about myself, maybe a little strange.

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Thanks for listening!