Episode 2 - Lenny Lebovich

Founder of Pre Brands

Lenny Lebovich, Founder of Pre Brands, came on the Modern Startup Marketing podcast.

We covered:

Why people misunderstand marketing and branding;

How to solve a problem differently through your hiring efforts;

The most effective ways to get people to try your (food) product;

How to manage the power struggle with retailers, leveraging consumer love of your product;

What to look for when you're hiring your startup dream team.

Lenny Lebovich is the Founder and former CEO of Pre Brands (www.eatpre.com). Pre is a Chicago-based consumer brand started in 2012 that has raised multiple rounds of financing and become a national leader in the fresh beef category. Pre is Beef Done Differently™ providing consumers with the very best tasting steaks, roasts, and ground beef that is sourced through its unique global supply chain and also happens to be grass fed and finished. You can find Lenny on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/lennylebovich/

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