Episode 10 - Matt Bendett

Co-Founder and VP of Ops & Strategy at Peerspace

Matt Bendett, Co-Founder and VP of Ops & Strategy at Peerspace, joined me on the Modern Startup Marketing podcast.

Peerspace was founded in 2014 and has raised Series B ($34.8M total). The team was ~85 people at their peak (currently a leaner team due to the impacts of COVID-19). Peerspace is your little black book for finding unique and undiscovered places to meet, create, or celebrate. Whether it’s a photo shoot, birthday bash, pop-up shop, or team brainstorm, Peerspace gives people the keys to our cities’ best spaces.

We covered:

How to think about marketing through the lens of Simon Sinek's "start with why";

The marketing team's specific roles and responsibilities (at their peak ~85 people);

Brand vs. performance marketing - you shouldn't get started on performance-based marketing if you don't have your brand house in order;

The marketing channels that are driving the business - SEO, content marketing, paid and community;

How Peerspace does content marketing - blogs, resources, whitepaper, user generated content (UGC);

Partnering with United - why it made sense to partner and their go-to-market plan specific to the partnership;

How Matt is thinking about riding the content creation wave;

How company focus (forced from COVID) is more of an opportunity vs. a challenge;

Experimentation as part of your overall marketing efforts;

Matt's (almost 9 years!) experience at Electronic Arts and the impact on his work at Peerspace;

Some introspection and life changes coming out of this crazy year.

You can find Matt on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/bendett

Find out more about Peerspace: www.peerspace.com

Find out more about their partnership with United: https://teamtogether.peerspace.com/

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