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Working with Anna over the past several months has been a game changer! We are an edtech startup that was looking for marketing leadership to help us better understand our customer, overhaul our website and sales materials, and develop language to talk about ourselves in terms that were resonant and relevant. [Anna was] a real partner...and as adaptable as they come which is critical for a startup.

Saima Siddiqui - Co-Founder & CEO

Working with Anna for marketing has been amazing! She really is the full package. She conducted voice of the customer research, helped us build out our marketing foundation, created our positioning and messaging, did SEO keyword research, and incorporated all of that to design our website with a creative brand. We decided to continue working with Anna to develop our marketing strategy and content.

Kat Busch - Co-Founder & CEO

I highly recommend Anna. During her work at Propel, she conducted valuable voice-of-the-customer research, created a comprehensive marketing foundation deck, worked on the new version of our website in collaboration with our designer, and provided strategic guidance for our go-to-market strategy. Anna also assisted in crafting a compelling case study and offered ongoing marketing advice. Working with Anna was a blast.

Nico Acosta - Co-Founder & CEO

Anna was an absolute pleasure to work with. She helped us...[build] out a marketing foundation deck, new gov-focused landing page, case studies, a GTM Strategy and a 1-page marketing plan with goals. I highly recommend Anna and welcome the opportunity to work with her again.

Tim Sussman - SVP

We brought Anna onto the team to help lead our marketing efforts, including voice of the customer research, persona development, sales materials development, and messaging strategy. Anna was easy to work with and consistently over-delivered on the value she provided our team. Looking forward to working together in the future.

Adam Fridman - Founder
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We loved working with Anna. She helped us put together positioning, a new website, and a content strategy. We're very happy with how all three turned out. I especially appreciated the work she did up front to get to know us, our product, and our customers. Strong recommend for any startup, but especially for teams building complex, technical products.

Christina Pawlikowski - Co-Founder & CEO

Anna has been a pleasure to work with. She helped our team with marketing strategy guidance, spanning audits of all our communications, and upgrading our online presence.

Peter Light - Founder & CEO

Working with Anna has been great for jumpstarting our marketing efforts. Just a few of the marketing aspects she's been able to help us with include our marketing foundations, GTM strategy, pitch deck, consistent messaging between our social channels, and helping secure podcast spots and podcast ads.

Nic Ehalt - Co-Founder
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I wholeheartedly recommend Anna as an accomplished marketing consultant who can deliver results. Anna guided us through our website redesign. Throughout the process, we were consistently impressed by her commitment to a user-centric marketing approach, with each step being deeply rooted in voice of customer research. Thanks to Anna's vision and relentless focus on the customer, we believe our website will resonate better with our audience.

Tammy Kwan - Co-Founder & CEO
Matt B..jpeg

Anna was one of my coaches during an EdTech Founders GTM Bootcamp that included instruction on both marketing + sales. She was available for 1:1 feedback sessions as I implemented some of the strategies and drafted a playbook for scalable growth. I really valued Anna’s observations and direction related to our website, content strategy and marketing plan.

Matt Barinholtz - Founder & CEO
Zac H..jpeg

Anna was very helpful during the EdTech GTM bootcamp that we recently completed. Her insight on how our marketing efforts can support our sales strategy allowed us to think deeper about the messaging we want to convey to our customers when they do their research on our business. She made herself available for 1:1 time outside the program to help us with some initiatives that were most important to our business.

Zac Herman - Co-Founder

Anna brings a warm, genuine presence to the world of marketing consulting. She worked with my team to help refine our strategy, create sample templates, refine our tactical playbooks, and audit our existing efforts to help us grow. Working with Anna really is a pleasure. You can tell she cares about her work and creating results for her clients, while still meeting them where they are. We found the biggest value in having Anna coach and assist with onboarding our newer marketing personnel & would definitely recommend her mentorship and keen strategic eye!

Christopher Tarantino - Founder

I had just recently switched over into a new role and wanted to make sure I was able to balance and prioritized the items and tasks that were coming my way being from a tiny team, and additionally talk through some general content strategy and plan of attack. I'm absolutely looking forward to future conversations with Anna!

Rachel Gombosch - Community & Content Marketing Manager

[Anna] is a marketing guru! Rather than dive right into brainstorming ideas for driving traffic to my website, she started with the basics. Talk to my customers. Find out why my superfans love my company. Where do they hang out online? Get powerful testimonials from my customers. Then leverage that information to frame a message that will resonate with potential customers. Only then did we talk about ideas and execution strategies to reach new customers.

Eddie Brunet - President

Anna's comprehensive guidance on essential marketing topics such as inbound marketing, channel prioritization, and the most effective channels for edtech was invaluable. Her ability to uncover areas of improvement that I had not realized, despite my industry experience, stood out remarkably. The conversations with Anna were not only insightful but also led to constructive discussions, enabling me to better understand the nuances of effective marketing strategies. I wholeheartedly recommend Anna to any early-stage founders in the edtech industry.

Juwon Lee - CEO

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