Hey, I'm Anna.

I'm the founder of Furmanov Marketing Consulting. Ever since I was a child, I’ve been a creator. I love to paint, build, design, and communicate. I also enjoy understanding people and what makes them tick. So naturally, I'm passionate about helping others build powerful brands and businesses.

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I don't always play by the book.

I do what works. Part of that is because I’ve been in the trenches at both big name brands (Groupon, Blistex) and venture-backed startups. I’ve seen a lot of waste, and I’ve seen the power of being nimble and powerful. The other part is I have a family (2 kids!) and I don’t have time to waste on the 80% of stuff that’s not working. I spend my days prioritizing, re-prioritizing, executing, and learning. I take the same approach with my customers.

I've always had the itch to build something.

Maybe that's why I love startups so much. After over a decade working in corporate and heading up marketing at two venture-backed startups, I decided to create this company. Now I help startups simplify their marketing strategies and tactics, build the right foundation, and get moving with modern approaches to marketing. I’m also an advisor for SignalFire’s portfolio of companies (a VC firm based out of San Francisco).

My team is ready to work with you.

I bring the strategy, content, and demand gen expertise. My team includes experts in design, web, SEO/SEM, and paid search/social. I can't wait to hear from you so we can strap on that jet pack and power up your marketing success.

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